Are you wondering if I can help you?

If your sex life is in the doldrums, then the answer is probably yes.
Your whole life may even be in the doldrums – as bad sex if normally a symptom of wider problems.

You may feel like you’re just going through the motions in your marriage and other important relationships. Your job could be grinding you down – but you don’t have the confidence in yourself to find something better.

And I’m sure that with everything else that’s happening – caring for home, kids, parents and partner, going to work, making time for friends – sex is shoved to the back of the queue.

In fact, it may feel like all the good things about life are behind you – and what’s left is the functional bits.

If this sounds like you – please speak to me.

Because – although you may not even realize it – sex has a massive effect on every single part of your life. If you’re not enjoying a good sex life, chances are you’re struggling elsewhere.

And it’s probably making you unhappy – or at least not as happy as you could be.

I could change that.

I’ll be honest, I can’t help everyone – and that’s precisely why I offer a free initial consultation. Because that allows us both to assess if this is right for us – you may not think I can help. Equally, I may feel I can’t help you.

But to find out, we need to talk. I understand if you feel scared – sex is a very intimate and personal thing to talk about – but this is a one-to-one, strictly confidential consultation with a trained and experienced therapist.

Book your free consultation today!