How I Help You

Firstly, we have a free, initial consultation. During this conversation, we’ll talk about your whole life, including sex. This gives you a chance to chat about your problems, and I’ll offer some initial advice on how to help yourself.

If I think you can benefit from further help, I’ll tell you. But it’s up to you if you want to proceed. I’ll also tell you if I don’t believe my services are for you, as I only work with people I’m confident I can help.
If we set up more consultations these will take place over the phone initially. We’ll talk in depth and I’ll suggest ways to spice up your sex life and take on the broader issues that are holding you back.

Then we set up a time to meet – just you and me – for a whole day of VIP consultation. I will book a discreet venue near to where you live.

We will know each other well by then and this gives me the chance to really get to the bottom of your problems – and help you to solve them.

Exactly what we talk about will depend on you – everyone is different – but by the end of that day you will feel transformed.


Better sex than you ever thought possible

You’ll have the inner confidence and the resolve to enjoy the sex life you’ve been dreaming about – with screams of joy, uncontrollable passion and intense, ear-splitting orgasms.

And you’ll be having sex for you – because you enjoy it, want it and need it. You won’t be doing it to keep someone else happy, or because you think you should, or because you feel guilty about not doing it.

You’ll have sex simply because you love it.

And when you’re having that kind of sex – every single part of your life gets better, believe me.

This journey starts with a brief chat with me, so please don’t be nervous – you have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

Book your free consultation today!